Our Ministries

The average Filipino family today has 4.61 children on a yearly income of $4,700.  Unfortunately many families are put in situations where they must choose which children they can send to school.  This is where Hope for Tomorrow steps in and provides an education for a child.  Many of the children we support are either over aged (for example 12 years old in the 1st grade) or have had to stop going to school because they come from homes of 10 to 16 children and there was not money for both school and food.  It is because of these realities we have established several ministry/outreach opportunities to assist these families in need. 

Check out the different ministry opportunities below and see how you or your church can get involved.

School Scholarships

We would love for you to join us on this fun and exciting journey. 


You can financially support a specific child.  For $400 a year (or $40 a month) you can send one child to school. 

This will cover the costs of their uniforms, school supplies, books, food, transportation, a teacher, as well as supplies for school projects. 

We want you to be a part of the child’s life (if you wish); therefore, we will send you information on the child as well as pictures and progress updates. 

The investment you can make in a child’s life is priceless when you consider how little it financially costs us.

Kids Club & Impact

​Every Friday our Elementary kids join us at the center for a fun "VBS" style Bible class.  Kids scripture, learn Bible stories and build a foundation in faith we hope will carry them and one they won't turn from when they grow older.

Impact is for our High School kids to dig deeper into scripture and begin to discover their own faith journey.  They learn who God really is and deepen their love for him.  It's a place of fun too where everyone is always welcome and accepted

​Honor Roll Field Trips

We strive to ​reward students for outstanding performance in the classroom.  We do this with our quarterly Honor Roll Field Trips.  These trips are always to fun and exciting places.  These are places the kids would never dream of going (or have the chance to go otherwise).  These trips have driven top level performance in the classroom and an important part of our Scholarship program.


Every afternoon students are given the opportunity to get the extra help they need with homework, studying or projects in order to be successful in the classroom.  Because these kids come from homes where parents likely haven't completed school they cannot get this type of help at home.  Our center is open daily to help not only our scholars but any student who needs extra help!

Mom's Club​

Mom's Club is an opportunity for us to get to know the entire family.  We listen to their struggles as mothers and provide support where needed.  We also have Bible studies with these ladies to help them understand more about Jesus and His love for them.  At Hope for Tomorrow we strive to minister to the entire family and not just the children.


We believe you cannot learn if your belly is growling.  For this reason we provide a healthy meal 4 days a week for lunch.  Students come to our center and eat a home cooked meal on their lunch break.  For many of them this is the best meal they will eat all day.