Who We Are:
Hope for Tomorrow began as a dream.  It was a dream of changing a child’s life, a dream of being Jesus in a tangible way, and a dream of sending only five students to school.  Today, Hope for Tomorrow is Matthew 17:20 in action.  “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed…nothing will be impossible.”  Because of faith and generosity of wonderful sponsors, the impossible has become possible for countless children over the years.

The children in the Hope for Tomorrow program come from nothing.  Most of them live with dirt floors and bamboo walls.  Many of them have chores we would think should be done by adults.  They have worries most children their age should not have to even think about.  All of these responsibilities and realities steal their childhood and self-esteem.  When the children began school last year, they had low self-confidence and believed what society had told them; that they were not loved or important.  All of these feelings and beliefs have been washed thanks to Hope for Tomorrow.  With us they get to just be a kid!  They are loved and made to feel important.  It’s in this environment that we have seen the children soar!  They now feel special, loved and worth something.  We believe the teachings of Jesus found in Matthew 25:40, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." 

By meeting some of the most basic educational needs of a child, we are introducing the children and their families to Jesus.  This introduction is the first step to building a life-long relationship with Him and becoming one of His followers.

Our Team

Gepher & Andrea Lopina

In 2001, our lives forever changed.  God was at work in the lives of Gepher and Andrea in ways that were both seen and unseen.  He lead Andrea VanDyke to the man she was to marry and serve Him with, Gepher Lopina.  Together they ministered to the church in Naga and founded HFT.  The Lopinas now live in the US but still serve as President of the organization.  

Zyrus & Grace Ferraris


Grace began working for HFT by leading our Kids Club Program.  She has a very hands-on learning style of teaching along with a heart for ministering to children.  The first time I saw her teach I knew she was something special and something Hope for Tomorrow needed.  The children love Grace.  Grace lived for many years with an American missionary couple.  It was living with them where she learned many of her teaching methods and her passion for ministry and service grew.  Zyrus and Grace listening to God's calling and decided to go into full time ministry together.  They are the perfect team and compliment each other in so many ways.  They serve as great role models and mentors to every child that walks through our door.

Glen Abad

Glen Abad is a graduate of CBC and has a heart for young people.  He has an energy and love for them that draws people in.  He loves the Lord BIG and uses both of these talents to bring youth to a relationship with Christ.

Our Mission

Hope for Tomorrow will give one child a chance at a better future through the gift of education.  It is through education the cycle of poverty begins to break in the Philippines one person at a time.  Hope for Tomorrow will also provide the emotional support a child needs to be successful in school and in life.  A child can only succeed if they have a community to encourage and support.   Hope for Tomorrow is an outreach ministry of the church to the community.  It’s a chance to show the love of Jesus, to not only the student but also their family.